What is Kriya Yoga?

Mahavatar Babaji
Mahavatar Babaji

Kriya Yoga is a meditation technique of energy control, or pranayama, that quickly accelerates one’s spiritual growth.  It was first made widely known by Paramhansa Yogananda in his spiritual classic, Autobiography of a Yogi.
According to Yogananda, Kriya is the most effective means available to mankind today for reaching the goal of Self-realisation: union with the Divine. Its effectiveness has been proven in the lives of people from all walks of life, religion, and nationality.
Because Kriya is a sacred technique, it requires a period of study and then formal initiation.
You can learn Kriya Yoga through a series of classes from our acharyas at Ananda, where is has been taught to thousands of seekers for over 45 years, and where we practice it daily.

Quotes on Kriya Yoga from Yogananda

Paramhansa Yogananda
Paramhansa Yogananda

“Pranayama means control of the energy in the body, and its direction upward through the spine to the brain and to the Christ center between the eyebrows. This alone is the pathway of awakening. It isn’t a matter of dogma or belief. It is simply the way we were all made by God.”
“The spine is the highway to the Infinite. Your own body is the temple of God. It is within your own self that God must be realized. Whatever places of pilgrimage you visit outwardly, and whatever outward rituals you perform, the ultimate ‘pilgrimage’ must be within. And the ultimate religious rite must be the offering of your life-force on the altar of inner God-communion.”
 “Pranayama be thy religion. Pranayama will give thee salvation.”

The Importance of Discipleship

Swami Kriyananda
Swami Kriyananda
To attain the goal of Self-realisation, determination and commitment on the path of Kriya Yoga are essential. Each of us has lifetimes of past karma to overcome, and Kriya gives us a powerful capacity to gradually achieve that blessed objective. But this is not a journey that one can make without divine guidance: the guidance of a true Guru.
It is said, “When the seeker is ready, the master appears.” At Ananda we are blessed to have the wisdom and guidance of an entire lineage of Gurus, who have clearly revealed the Kriya path for us to follow: Jesus Christ, Babaji Krishna, Lahiri Mahashaya, Swami Sri Yukteswar, and Paramhansa Yogananda. As one proceeds on the Kriya path, ever deepening his/her relationship to these great ones, especially through discipleship and devotion, there is a grace that helps to speed this journey and make it ever more joyful.
One of our four progressive series of Kriya preparation courses (Level III) is dedicated to the theme of discipleship. A catalogue of books and talks on discipleship, as well as meditation and Kriya Yoga resources, is available at our pan-India website: www.anandaindia.org.
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