I first came to be introduced to Ananda Yoga in 2014 when I was undergoing my Kriya classes with Nayaswamis Tushti and Surendra. Around this time, I had stopped practising yoga, which I used to practise earlier, due to two reasons. First, even though I had been practising close to 2 and a half years, the yoga that I experienced never gave me full satisfaction. It was mainly very physical, and to me, painfully ‘slow’ and ‘boring’. The underlying essence of the asanas were lost to me. Secondly, I had a serious spinal injury, cervical and lumber both, which left me in bed for a very long time. The hope of being physically fit and active again seemed quite bleak.

It was around this time that I started looking for various alternatives since active physical exercises were ruled out. To cut it short, I found Ananda and Tushti and everything changed. I slowly started practising a little of what she taught, and little by little I saw the difference it brought in me.

Things started moving and I was introduced to the Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) in 2017 but could participate in only one module due to spinal pain again. Finally, this year I could fulfill my long-awaited dream of training to become an Ananda Yoga Instructor! YTT 2018 started on 3rd February continuing till 3rd March. The group energy, sometimes funny, sometimes serious but mostly uplifting, combined with the loving and gentle guidance of Nayaswami Bhajana and Latha, had made this one of the most memorable trainings that I have ever attended. It had a very unifying feeling as we had participants coming from different states within India as well as from other countries like Spain and Greece. The experience is beautiful and the wait, worthwhile. This training has only enhanced what I experienced with Tushti. It has helped me go deeper within myself as a person, a kriyaban and a yogi.

On a physical level, it has attuned me better to my body and its requirements, from simple correct posture and alignment to better diet and nutrition. It has helped me work with what I have and heal what I can, which I know is happening. But the most significant thing I see is the subtle but deeper feeling of everything being so beautifully connected. Yoga has never felt more beautiful and powerful than it does for me now. I see it as a beginning. I see it as a bridge, a tool to a better way of life, deeper understanding of one another, for when one can feel the oneness in all things there can be no separation. Ananda Yoga evokes that feeling in me. On a spiritual and emotional level, I know healing is taking place every time I practice Ananda Yoga.

The shifts within has been too many (and too subtle) to be enumerated. It is so with every participant. Change can happen if we allow it. I am eternally grateful to Master for making that change happen in me. We can only take this wonderful message and teachings forward and share it with the rest of the world – one soul at a time.

In joy always,
Sangeeta Laishram.

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