Why is it that Christ’s birthday is still celebrated thousands of years later? In India why do we still celebrate Krishna’s birthday? Is it only because they had remarkable lives? No. There is more to it than their outward achievements. There are plenty of souls who have lived outstanding lives, but within 100 years, almost everyone forgets who they are. There is a spiritual power that great souls like Krishna and Christ radiate that is eternal. There is a special vibration on their birthdays when many minds are all concentrating their devotion on a higher reality and consciousness.

May 19th is the birthday of Swami Kriyananda. On this day, there is also a special vibration in the world. This is a day of celebration. We celebrate the fact that God sends great souls into the world during times of confusion and need. We celebrate an example that shows all mankind, that we too can become spiritually great. Swami ji’s life demonstrates the joy of overcoming spiritual struggles. His is a life of spiritual victory. On this day there is a spiritual power that radiates from Swami Kriyananda’s soul into the entire world. For those who are able to calm in themselves and receive this power, it can free them from many concerns, and difficulties.

Many times I came to Swami ji with questions, or concerns, and in his presence, the questions and or concerns would disappear. The question or the problem would seem so irrelevant compared to the joy I was feeling inside. It wouldn’t even be worth thinking about. There was a time when I was concerned about a big project in Ananda India, and I went to tell him about it. He began the conversation, and I first listened to what he had to say. At the end he said “now, is everything alright?” He said this in a very sweet, but also fatherly, disciplinarian manner. I remember nodding my head like a child, but also realizing that I from now on had to take responsibility for my consciousness. Even if the world was crashing on the outside, I couldn’t let that effect my consciousness on the inside. Around that time Swami ji had composed a song called Larks Fly High. The first line is:

Larks fly high in the summer sky, regardless of the weather. Even so we, too, can ascend up high, as long as we soar together.

Hearing him sing this song further increased my determination, to maintain a high consciousness regardless of outer circumstances.

The realization that everything is really happening just as it should be was not only theory in his presence. It was a palpable feeling. One had the feeling that it was God who was orchestrating this whole drama, and that it was being done beautifully. I should say one has (not had). We still can tune into Swami Kriyananda’s presence right here and now if we wish. We can feel that God is directing all of creation and we are but his instruments. If we let our consciousness soar together with Swami Kriyandana’s consciousness on this auspicious time, we can certainly ascend up high beyond all concerns of this world.


  1. Jai Guru
    May you live forever in our hearts, Swami!
    Happy birthday ☀

  2. Beautiful blog! Thank you for sharing this with us 🙂

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