O Master…
O Master…May Thy joy fill our Days
O Master… May Thy wisdom guide our days…

How beautiful has my life become, since the first day I walked into Master’s home….! I saw his picture on the cover of “Autobiography of a Yogi” in the “second hand books for sale” shelf of our library… and he drew me to him. “I have to buy this book’, was the only thought in my mind. I took it home after paying a measley Rs 25/- for a book that would change my life completely. I kept the book on my bedside table and would occasionally pick it up, read a few pages and put it back down. I did not understand the attraction I had for the picture on the cover. I did not understand that Master’s magnetic pull was only for those who were destined to walk into his home and become a part of his family.

I was never interested in meditation. I had no idea that it has anything to do with God. But when I saw the advertisement on Facebook (with His picture on it) followed by the one in the local newspaper, I told Master, “Ok. If you’re going to teach me meditation I will learn from you. In fact, I will learn anything you wish to teach me.” And I walked into his home.

One and half years later, I can say very joyfully that He has taken over my life completely. I, who never thought that I would ever want to, or attempt to be a teacher, pause in prayer before I start the class – whether yoga or meditation, and ask Master and Swamiji to be with me, to help me be a good channel for their teachings, and I feel their energy filling me from my medulla all over my head and then down my body, stilling my thoughts and calming my nerves. They stay with me all through the class, and for hours after…. They warn me to stay away from any form of negativity, and fill my waking hours with their love, their guidance and their constant support. It is so easy for me to stay joyful – after all they take care of all my worries – everything has been parked quite merrily at their feet. Poor Master and Swamiji – I keep them quite busy! And most importantly, they stay with me during meditation – Master’s strong, powerful presence energises me, and Swamiji’s gentle, sweet presence cocoons me in his love.

Master welcomes all those who walk into his home with love and he guides them through their days, and helps them stay on the path – the most important path that we walk down in our lives, the path towards enlightenment, towards freedom. All we need to do is submit. To surrender ourselves, our ego, and open ourselves to receiving Divine guidance, as we work out our Karma and keep moving up that path and climbing up those stairs leading us towards the Divine light.

Jai Guru


  1. Yes Mou, straight from the heart. My Best Wishes for success on this Path…..

  2. Dear Moushumi, you inspired me so much with your beautiful, sweet story and your daily, growing connection with Master and Swamiji. Thank you from my heart <3 🙂

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