Every creativity has its own story… so it is with this one.

At the time, I was staying in the Ashram at Watunde (Pune). One day I got a phone call from a long time Devotee (Amol Parkhi Ji) asking me if I could help in checking (he used the word “editing” which is too heavy for my stature) the translation work of the Raja Yoga book, which was done in Marathi by a lady he knew who also was a spiritual person.

I absorbed the sudden shock I had, looking at his confidence in my “capacity” and connecting it with the continuous request I was making to my Guru for providing good work that would be right for me.

Although the work had started, it couldn’t get finished for some reason… I don’t remember it exactly, but God pushed me into the flow of translation work!

Then Sangeeta Ji’s (Ananda Publications incharge, another devotee) phone call came, asking if I could think about doing the AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI translation into Marathi. She asked me to take one or two days to think it over.

How can a “Kullhad” (not even a cup) hold an ocean of wisdom…. that great a scripture!

Sometimes God doesn’t allow the devotee to think….

He started the work and, as He started it, it should finish in a grand way!

I am in the picture for the name’s sake. In His dream drama He makes someone responsible for “His” actions.

But it is so, for sure …I did not understand the scripture to its fullest capacity and so He made me read it again and again in that short period of time. He made me read each word and made me try to understand why He used that particular word in that place.

His ways are innumerable to teach His devotees.

This write-up is to support Surya’s loving wish who asked me if I could express some thoughts as a Scripture is on the verge of publication!
Sangeeta Ji is planning to publish it in the coming days.


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