To be a part of the movement towards health awareness and bringing this change in myself motivated me to participate in the Be the Change walkathon. Walking in nature has always been my favorite activity. When it comes to Ananda, being with gurubhais makes the Joy multiply.

I was especially waiting for the walkathon because it was our beloved Guru Paramhansa Yogananda’s birth anniversary. For many years, we have celebrated His birthday with large social events in Ananda Pune.

We started calling people for the occasion, and many of them were enthusiastic to come. Since it was a walking event, many people with small children and people of old age could also participate. They who spoke to us were happy to bring their parents and children. By making calls everyday, we reached many people who had read the book Autobiography of a Yogi and also knew Ananda and Master.

As the day of the walkathon approached, we all were getting ready in many ways. A group was preparing shirts and bibs and distributing them to participants. Some of us were on the University lawns, helping to put up the stage, tables, chairs and direction signs since 4 am. Some were in the Ananda Pune city center, preparing medals. Many of us were making sandwiches in our community kitchen: we made 1800 boxes for around 1750 participants. Joy was flowing from each one of us. The Traffic team, pit stop team, registration, kitchen, publications team, pacers, baggage counter: everywhere devotees were happily joining their energies to help people feel Master around them.

The Be the Change Walkathon was really such a successful event (and I have seen many group events), because everybody was most willing to serve. Planning and execution were really systematic.

I was a pacer for the ten kilometer route. Some young college students were enjoying the walk; a few were really fast runners.

Pradnya at the Walkathon with Friend

Pradnya with Rohini

I walked with a lady name Rohini. She had gone through Brain surgery twice in her life. Still, she felt inspired to walk for ten kilometers. As she was walking alone, I felt drawn to join her, and we finished walking the route together. She struck me as a really strong person. Much to my surprise, I also found two old friends of mine had joined as well.

The most clear message I received is to Love all. It is really important to let go and move forward. Not to remember what mistakes happened in the past but to see how you can bring more Joy and happiness into the situation around you. How you can understand a person surrounding you by his eyes, not just outer gestures, but simply by being with them in silence.

I am grateful to all who brought this event into existence. Most of all to God and Guru working within each one.

In love with Master



  1. Awesome pradnaya dear Infinite bliss and love is always through service joy kindness

    1. Hearty congratulation dear Pradnya to a part of such awonderful event. You are blessed with godess sarswati, nicley narrated. Would like to participate next walkathon with you.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experiences Pradnya. Such a pitty we were not in India that time to participate, although we did mentally.

  3. Hi

    Could you please tell me know who was the instructor at the pre-walk warm up session? I forgot his name.


    1. Intrustor in prewalk was our Spiritual Director Dr. Adityaji

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