The Answer Group Picture

Reflections on a Special Seva: “The Answer” Movie Promotion

As rightly said by someone, “Learning is a lifelong process;” I experienced this when I took up the promotion of the film The Answer. Truly speaking, I instantly jumped at the opportunity when it was suggested to take up the movie promotion work for Ananda Pune. Being a novice in the field, I thought that movies are fun and that … Read More

Aditya and Devi

Living Spirituality – Joy During Intense Activity

As spiritual aspirants, we study the teachings of the Guru and try to apply them every day. The real test, always, is not in how well one knows the teachings by memory, but rather how well the teachings are lived in the spur of the moment. What is it that happens during a crisis, or while doing a great work … Read More

Paramhansa Yogananda

The Greatest Teacher

We celebrate Teacher’s day in India on 5th September, a day in which we offer our gratitude to all those who have taught us in life. In Ananda, we had a chance this month to honor this occasion with the ‘Education for Life’ team in Pune, who made a beautiful presentation on some of the principles of the curriculum, taught … Read More

Swamiji at La Choir

Music of Divine Joy

Swami Kriyananda often spoke of the importance of listening to the right kind of music. He would say that it is not just about personal taste, but that different melodies will affect us differently, according to the level of consciousness in which we are, as well as the consciousness in which the composer was when he wrote it. Very little … Read More

Divine Mother Statue in Swami's Garden

A Special Breakfast with a Lesson on Non-Judgement

– Swami Kriyananda On a certain day, all of the Kriyacharyas (assigned to give Kriya Yoga initiation) would be having a retreat with Jyotish and Devi and with a group of the “younger generation” we were going to make a special breakfast for them. It was a beautiful occasion to give back energy, love and gratitude to those people who … Read More

Hezequiel Lotus Pose in the Woods

From Work to Karma Yoga – A Week in Nature

These simple words from the Christian Bible remind us of an important truth: the fact that high perceptions are possible only after the heart and the mind have been stilled. Our society, however, is moving ever-farther away from such lofty heights: not toward stillness, but rather towards unceasing, restless movement and activity. As individuals, we cannot but be affected by … Read More

The Role of Spirituality in Modern Life

Aditya Teaching Energization Exercises First of all, I got a lot of knowledge after coming to Ananda: practical knowledge of how the body is made. The body of a yogi is no different than the body of an ordinary person, except that the yogi knows what is happening, and he is in tune with natural laws. Before, I didn’t know … Read More

How a Doctor Became a Monk

Well, I think there were two things: first of all, of course, the book Autobiography of a Yogi. This was back in 2006. I used to follow the newspapers quite regularly, I was inspired by new stories, and then that interest introduced me to autobiographies. One day I just told myself I want to find a good, inspiring life story, … Read More

The ways of the Gurus: How the Shopkeeper Became Part of the Puzzle

I had, in an earlier blog, shared the story of how I came to join Ananda, and become a disciple of our beloved Guru. Now, I would like to share a story of my husband’s journey, which is yet to be concluded… When I joined Ananda, my husband, Sachin, was a bit confused. He knew that I was religious, but … Read More

Translating As a Channel for the Guru

Every creativity has its own story… so it is with this one. At the time, I was staying in the Ashram at Watunde (Pune). One day I got a phone call from a long time Devotee (Amol Parkhi Ji) asking me if I could help in checking (he used the word “editing” which is too heavy for my stature) the … Read More