God Watches the Heart

Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita, 9:26 As a student of Swami Kriyananda, it comes quite natural to always want to do “more and better.” For the last eleven years, Swami ji has been my role model in every aspect of life, and, in everything, I strive to follow his example. One of the most evident characteristics of his life … Read More

O Master

O Master… O Master…May Thy joy fill our Days O Master… May Thy wisdom guide our days… How beautiful has my life become, since the first day I walked into Master’s home….! I saw his picture on the cover of “Autobiography of a Yogi” in the “second hand books for sale” shelf of our library… and he drew me to … Read More

Larks Fly High

Why is it that Christ’s birthday is still celebrated thousands of years later? In India why do we still celebrate Krishna’s birthday? Is it only because they had remarkable lives? No. There is more to it than their outward achievements. There are plenty of souls who have lived outstanding lives, but within 100 years, almost everyone forgets who they are. … Read More

Befriending Swami Kriyananda

This happened in April, 2014. I walked to the saloon two buildings away from where I used to live. As usual, I had to wait for my turn there. I picked up the English newspaper from the table, and then went through the headlines. It’s possible I looked at the sports section first, which is at the end. Then I … Read More

Energization: The Wishing Tree

Some time ago, I attended a class on the Energization Exercises which was being taught to new students. A very brief introduction from the part of the teachers was finalized with the statement: “Remember, these are spiritual, not physical, exercises. We do them in order to meditate better, but they can’t in any way take the place of physical workout.” … Read More

Change can happen if we allow it – My experience with AYTT

I first came to be introduced to Ananda Yoga in 2014 when I was undergoing my Kriya classes with Nayaswamis Tushti and Surendra. Around this time, I had stopped practising yoga, which I used to practise earlier, due to two reasons. First, even though I had been practising close to 2 and a half years, the yoga that I experienced … Read More

Ananda Seva

I am currently writing a book with the working title Ananda Seva, about the power of selfless service and how it can help dissolve the ego. Paramhansa Yogananda taught a path to liberation that combines both meditation and service. There is a wealth of resources to train and support aspirants in meditation: teachers, books, courses, meditation centers, websites, and apps. But … Read More

The Happiness Thieves

Yale University recently offered a course that’s proved to be the most popular one ever given there. The topic was “Happiness.” One-quarter of the student body—1200 undergraduates—enrolled, requiring the largest auditorium on campus for the classes. Why so much interest? One student said, “In reality, a lot of us are anxious, stressed, unhappy, and numb.” Unfortunately, this statement is not … Read More


Two distraught devotees knelt before the Indian saint, Anandamayi Ma, pleading for her divine intervention. “Ma,” they begged, “can’t you stop this? It will produce so much suffering.” Anandamayi Ma the great Indian saint “joy-permeated mother” in Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda Source: http://www.anandamayi.org It was 1947—the beginning of the partition of India and Pakistan into two separate … Read More


While we were in India, we enjoyed a wonderful conversation with Indu Bhan. Although elderly now, in his youth Indu was a key assistant and good friend to Swami Kriyananda. Indu’s mother, Rani Bhan, was a remarkable person and a great help to Swamiji during that time. She was a powerful spiritual magnet, her house constantly visited by the great … Read More