Heal Yourself : 3-Class Series

Would you like to discover the secret to spiritual healing according to Paramhansa Yogananda? In this course, you will learn and practice Yogananda’s healing techniques to heal yourself & others.

Join us with Br. Blezy, Nayaswami Promilla, Shamini

Topics for the workshop:

18th July – The Healing Power of Thought
25th July – The Power of Will and Energy to Heal
1st August – Diet and Mind Power

An post the completion of the workshop
“There is a Power that will light your way to Health, Happiness, Peace and Success, if you will but turn toward that Light.”Paramhansa Yogananda

Our Teachers

Bramhacharini Blezy

Blezy Philip is an Ananda Yoga and Meditation teacher. She is also a certified Healing teacher and has conducted many classes on Yoga, Meditation, and Healing in Pune. Blezy has served in the corporate industry for more than a decade and is well-versed with the challenges and opportunities of a corporate life, bringing that experience into her classes. Blezy recently quit her corporate life to become a full-time trainer in Yoga and Meditation and has assisted in corporate training programs at Tata Management and Training Center (TMTC) and Sandvik Asia.

Nayaswami Promilla

Nayaswami Promilla has been with Ananda Sangha for over a decade and conveys a deep understanding of the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda with a sense of love and wisdom. She is a certified Healing, Meditation and Yoga teacher and has conducted many workshops and classes sharing these teachings across various Ananda centers. Known for her silent and calm presence, she selflessly serves the Sangha in numerous ways setting an example for all to follow.


Shamini Naidu is an Ananda Yoga and Meditation teacher. She is an Art educator who shares the benefit of spiritual teachings applied through Art-based workshops and activities. As a certified ‘Transformative Artist’ from the Awakening Arts Academy in Italy, she shares tools to increase creativity that can be applied in daily life. She lives in Ananda Pune and has conducted workshops around India.


1. “I have attended the healing workshop and I am using the techniques. It’s amazing. I loved the workshop and I am using them to heal my school friend in Pune and her mother and many relatives too ….people are getting good results by sending distant healing.”
– Sheetal Thakkar, Devotee

2. “Hello Readers, it was an absolute blessing for me to learn healing techniques from Ananda Sangha. I was always fascinated about healing as a service to humankind. The techniques which I learnt has a terrific scientific base to it, given that they are based on teachings of Great Yoga Master Paramhansa Yogananda. The key point which I learnt was that the healing energy is very intelligent and knows the source of the problem and what aspects to heal. This makes us possible to heal the person even at distance. Many real-life examples were shared during the due course. I’ve had a very positive experience during the course. It was a joy to know that Ananda has a healing ministry which offers healing as a service. It is my absolute privilege to be associated with them”
– Kshitij Khakurdikar , Devotee (Software Engineer)