Stronger for the Long Run – A Lesson from Swamiji

Some years ago, I was studying at Jesus and Mary College in Delhi and had just gotten done with the first year there. Ahead of me were two more years of college (a bachelor’s course in India used to be three years long) and it didn’t make me happy to think about it. I was experiencing intense reluctance. In short, … Read More

Taking it All together: Integrating Spiritual and Family Life

When I look retrospectively on how one thing lead to another, it all makes sense and I see  how things are always planned for a better tomorrow, and how each part of your life helps. At the start of this year 2019, on the first day in office, I wished everyone that we all grow in our own unique ways. … Read More

Pradnya at the Walkathon with Friend

Walkathon – Bringing a change from Within

To be a part of the movement towards health awareness and bringing this change in myself motivated me to participate in the Be the Change walkathon. Walking in nature has always been my favorite activity. When it comes to Ananda, being with gurubhais makes the Joy multiply. I was especially waiting for the walkathon because it was our beloved Guru … Read More

Gaurja and Swamiji

What Swamiji Taught Me About Karma

Swamiji has taught me two important lessons about karma. Before I begin, I want to share what I always felt about Swamiji. I always felt that Swamiji had come to this plane to bless us all before his final merging back into God. Our Guru had told him that he would find final liberation in this life. And he did. … Read More

Dancing Shiva

Shiva’s Dance

In Hindu legend, Lord Shiva is depicted as Nataraja, lord of the dance that destroys the old and weary ways of the world. Whether by wisdom or whim, Shiva decides what must go, and with wild and ecstatic abandon, he performs its obliteration. His purpose, though widely misunderstood, is to release soul from its false identification with illusion. It matters … Read More

Painting Yogananda

Go with the Flow

Together with my soulmate and spouse Gurupriya, I participate in the Ananda Yoga Teacher Training in Pune. We visited different Ananda places worldwide during the last couple of years, in the spirit of “the world is a book and those who don’t travel only read one page”, and practicing our motto “go with the flow”. This is sometimes still a … Read More


The Role of Physical Exercise in the Spiritual Path

I think that exercise is not only good for devotees, but that it’s good for everybody. Of course, we all have busy lives, but I would like to give out some points on why it is important to make time for it, and especially for a devotee. Let’s actually start with the question: why is it good for everybody? Exercise … Read More

Lichi Tree

The Joy of Creating a Pilgrimage

Choosing my blog topic, I didn’t realise how timely it would be — following as it does on two recent Ananda Pune discussions: Nayaswami Jaya’s talk on “The Pilgrim’s Path: The Quest for Happiness” and Sangeeta Laishram’s blog on “Art as a Journey in Self-discovery”. My topic is also related to journeying, but from a different angle. Since childhood, I … Read More

Gaurja and Swami Kriyananda

Being Respectful to Others

I first met Swamiji when I was 14. It was the day of his birthday in 2004 and I went with my family to meet him at his satsang at B-10/8 (the ashram in Gurgaon). As I sat there on the floor close to his feet, my eyes started to tear up. Deep inside I knew that this was a … Read More

Krishna Painting by Sangeeta

Art as a Journey of Self-Discovery

Everyone is an artist. It’s just that the way we express ourselves are different. That’ i the thought that I have always had, and still do. I love the arts: the colours, the written and the spoken words, music, and the graceful movements of the body in the form of dance – all of these communicating and touching us deep … Read More