The Role of Physical Exercise in the Spiritual Path

I think that exercise is not only good for devotees, but that it’s good for everybody. Of course, we all have busy lives, but I would like to give out some points on why it is important to make time for it, and especially for a devotee. Let’s actually start with the question: why is it good for everybody? Exercise … Read More

Lichi Tree

The Joy of Creating a Pilgrimage

Choosing my blog topic, I didn’t realise how timely it would be — following as it does on two recent Ananda Pune discussions: Nayaswami Jaya’s talk on “The Pilgrim’s Path: The Quest for Happiness” and Sangeeta Laishram’s blog on “Art as a Journey in Self-discovery”. My topic is also related to journeying, but from a different angle. Since childhood, I … Read More

Gaurja and Swami Kriyananda

Being Respectful to Others

I first met Swamiji when I was 14. It was the day of his birthday in 2004 and I went with my family to meet him at his satsang at B-10/8 (the ashram in Gurgaon). As I sat there on the floor close to his feet, my eyes started to tear up. Deep inside I knew that this was a … Read More

Krishna Painting by Sangeeta

Art as a Journey of Self-Discovery

Everyone is an artist. It’s just that the way we express ourselves are different. That’ i the thought that I have always had, and still do. I love the arts: the colours, the written and the spoken words, music, and the graceful movements of the body in the form of dance – all of these communicating and touching us deep … Read More

The Answer Group Picture

Reflections on a Special Seva: “The Answer” Movie Promotion

As rightly said by someone, “Learning is a lifelong process;” I experienced this when I took up the promotion of the film The Answer. Truly speaking, I instantly jumped at the opportunity when it was suggested to take up the movie promotion work for Ananda Pune. Being a novice in the field, I thought that movies are fun and that … Read More

Aditya and Devi

Living Spirituality – Joy During Intense Activity

As spiritual aspirants, we study the teachings of the Guru and try to apply them every day. The real test, always, is not in how well one knows the teachings by memory, but rather how well the teachings are lived in the spur of the moment. What is it that happens during a crisis, or while doing a great work … Read More

Paramhansa Yogananda

The Greatest Teacher

We celebrate Teacher’s day in India on 5th September, a day in which we offer our gratitude to all those who have taught us in life. In Ananda, we had a chance this month to honor this occasion with the ‘Education for Life’ team in Pune, who made a beautiful presentation on some of the principles of the curriculum, taught … Read More

Swamiji at La Choir

Music of Divine Joy

Swami Kriyananda often spoke of the importance of listening to the right kind of music. He would say that it is not just about personal taste, but that different melodies will affect us differently, according to the level of consciousness in which we are, as well as the consciousness in which the composer was when he wrote it. Very little … Read More

Divine Mother Statue in Swami's Garden

A Special Breakfast with a Lesson on Non-Judgement

– Swami Kriyananda On a certain day, all of the Kriyacharyas (assigned to give Kriya Yoga initiation) would be having a retreat with Jyotish and Devi and with a group of the “younger generation” we were going to make a special breakfast for them. It was a beautiful occasion to give back energy, love and gratitude to those people who … Read More

Hezequiel Lotus Pose in the Woods

From Work to Karma Yoga – A Week in Nature

These simple words from the Christian Bible remind us of an important truth: the fact that high perceptions are possible only after the heart and the mind have been stilled. Our society, however, is moving ever-farther away from such lofty heights: not toward stillness, but rather towards unceasing, restless movement and activity. As individuals, we cannot but be affected by … Read More