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The pandemic saw one of the biggest world events on Preventive & Curative Health - Recharge:Health! Over 40 feted and renowned doctors and speakers joined hands from around the world to offer one of the most accomplished, erudite, and practical programs on health. TIMELESS, COMPREHENSIVE, INTEGRATED & HOLISTIC.

We have the COLLECTOR'S EDITION of recordings now available @ Rs. 799.


Gita Satsangs

Live Broadcast: On Facebook , Every Thursday at 6:30 PM IST & Every Sunday at 9.00 AM IST.

What is it? : Paramhansa Yogananda teaches that fellowship between people strengthens the magnetism of their association. If company is spiritual, such as in the presence of saints and devotees, then the aspirant will be more strongly magnetized along the spiritual path. If the association is material, then the individual will feel the pull of material attachments. Satsang, therefore, is an important principle for spiritual seekers to abide by in a monastery or spiritual community.

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Corporate Workshops

Ananda Sangha Pune designs its training programs around the fundamental principle of inner harmony. As a wise master said, each individual is complete in himself and has all the capabilities required for success within his own self.

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Book Study: In Diving Friendship with Nayaswami Jaya.
Starting from Sat, Jan 22, 8.30 - 9.30 pm
Meeting ID: 93789509260, pwd: 108

Dear Friends,

Let's get our tea and coffee mugs and start reading.
If you haven't got the book, please do so at the earliest.
When we each study and go deep, we expand our awareness and knowing.
This is sacred purpose of book studies.

The countdown begins. Looking forward.
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Autobiography of a Yogi

Named one of the Best Spiritual Books of the Century, this book is recognized by followers of many religious traditions as a spiritual masterpiece. One of the most translated books, the autobiography is a first-hand account of the life experiences of Paramhansa Yogananda, the great Indian Yoga master. The Master called it the Messenger of God and true to its name, the book draws many thousands of people to the path of yoga and spirituality.

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Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga is an ancient meditation technique of energy and breath control, or pranayama. It is also a comprehensive spiritual path, which includes additional meditation practices and guidance for living.

The Kriya technique is given through personal initiation by one of our Kriya Yoga teachers. Initiation requires preparation which includes the practice of other meditation techniques and study of Paramhansa Yogananda’s teachings.