Corporate Workshops

Achieving success through universal principles. Ananda Sangha Pune designs its training programs around the fundamental principle of inner harmony. We offer customised interactive training modules based on your specific needs.

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Education For Life

EFL is a holistic, child-centred, experiential educational approach in itself, but its principles and practices can be used as well by teachers who follow other approaches. EFL is equally applicable in the home as in the school in guiding the development of maturity

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Art & Music Workshops

Music and Art have a great potential to resonate with the higher realities of love and joy in our own selves. They have a direct impact on our consciousness.

We’ll explore music that helps uplift our consciousness and tap into the innate harmony that underlies everything.

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Sunday School

Developing inner joy and strength and sharing happiness.

Sunday school aims to foster the moral and spiritual development of children that they may be prepared to face life’s challenges with the inner strength and conviction of truth.

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