We celebrate Teacher’s day in India on 5th September, a day in which we offer our gratitude to all those who have taught us in life. In Ananda, we had a chance this month to honor this occasion with the ‘Education for Life’ team in Pune, who made a beautiful presentation on some of the principles of the curriculum, taught us some children songs, and had us play some games. One of the members also asked us to think about the qualities of a ‘good teacher’. The answers came from some of the youngest, as well as older members of the audience, and they were all universal principles: someone who is kind, patient, happy, who teaches by example, one who uses humor, who loves the student, and so went the list along these lines. It made me realize how, deep down, every child knows that these qualities are our birthright and our true selves. And that’s what we all appreciate in one another.

Art and Music WorkshopFor me, when I thought about specific examples of some of my best teachers, I realized I have been very fortunate, as many people came to mind. My Hindi teacher in school was one of such — though anyone who has heard my Hindi  might assume she would have been extremely disappointed! (Let’s just say it wasn’t my strongest subject. 🙂 ) There was something about her that made me feel motivated, and thinking about it I realized that it was her spirit and belief in me. No matter how tough things seemed, she would always affirm “You can do it, I have expectations from you, but I know you won’t disappoint me.” And it was this essential spirit that encouraged me to perform and try one more time! We all have had teachers who were the opposite of this.

As I offer art workshops nowadays, I realize one common block that people have is: “I can’t do this!” And, unfortunately, on digging deeper, it usually comes down to “I had an art teacher who pointed out that my art is terrible”, or “someone told me I have zero talent with art, so I have always felt I can’t do it”. How two very simple attitudes can change a person’s life forever either enabling them or paralyzing them!

The Dispeller of Darkness

A good teacher can come from anywhere and it can be anyone in our lives. I feel they are people who help bring forth the best in us, to focus on the higher principles and give us the space to grow into them. And what greater teacher for life could one have than the Guru – ‘the dispeller of darkness’? A divine friend, one who knows us inside out, who is always raising the bar for us, expecting more and better, but also giving us the space to learn from our mistakes. Such compassion we find in the Guru, who is always encouraging us, whispering deep within our being “You can do it”. Ever since I have found Paramhansa Yogananda, this is one tangible feeling I have growing within me everyday: this feeling that no matter how colossal a job I seem to myself, I know I can overcome all obstacles and limitations as long as I have the Guru with me. Even if I practice just a little bit of what he has given me, I know I will have the strength and courage to try one more time! And what greater blessing is there?

The Disciple’s Part

As life-long students, we have to learn to not only ask questions, but also listen to the answers. With the Guru, sometimes the answers are very subtle. We have access to many examples of how Yoganandaji worked with his disciples – stern when he needed to be, sweet and loving at other times, and using humor when required. Swami Kriyananda was also one such teacher: he was always raising the bar for us and encouraging us to keep going forward one step at a time. And he is still doing this. We recently worked on a video capturing the spirit of Ananda India (see below). This project was very impromptu with not too much planning. We began by recording a few thoughts from devotees serving in the Ananda Pune office and asked them to share off the top of their mind what they love the most about Ananda. Words like “Ananda is a place of Kindness”, “Love”, “Harmony”, “Divine Friendship”, “Ananda is Home”, “Everyone is so Happy”, “the spirit of Service”, “Inner Freedom”, “Joy” came forth from their hearts. For anyone walking into Ananda for the first time or for those who have been around for many years, these qualities are tangibles. This is the essence of what makes up our centers, our congregations, and this truly is the spirit of Ananda. These were also qualities perfectly expressed by Swami Kriyananda, and he seemed to bring them out in everyone wherever he went. This is his spirit that flows freely through Ananda.

Swami KriyanandaIt is the mark of a great teacher to cultivate these qualities in himself and bring them out in others by example. Swami Kriyananda had to develop the inner attunement with his Guru and was always listening within for the next steps and courageously taking them. Blessed are we to have the example of Swamiji who lived a life of discipleship, and showed us the way to walk. And now each of us must discover how to allow the Guru to come alive within us. Let us grow together as privileged students of the greatest blessing we could ever have.

The Spirit of Ananda India



  1. Having chosen my own career in the role of a ‘Guru’ (teacher), I have found Shamini’s view refreshing and simple; yet insightful and heart-warming!
    We often forget to give credit where due, being in a hurry to garner credit and seek an applause for ourselves.
    “To give and not to seek any reward” was so aptly stated by a famous writer!
    Well written Shamini!

  2. Enjoyed reading the rather well-written blog. Shamini reminded us to reflect on the important role many teachers played in our lives, but transported us to the space where we recognise the role of the highest teacher, The Guru. Without the presence of the Master in our lives, life would mean little. Those who have a Guru to guide them are truly blessed. Thank You for capturing this thought so effectively & sharing it with us.

  3. ” to discover how to allow the Guru to come alive within us” … is such a profound statement from a young woman! Because this journey of discovery, to know a guru, to acknowledge HIM as one and then to accept HIM into our lives is not an easy task. It requires a balance of mind, to agree to listen and not just to question ..but what a beautiful life we will have once the GURU is within us and we remain his lifelong student …I am trying very hard . Good thoughts. Great lines, Shamini.Thank you Girl.

  4. ” to discover how to allow the Guru to come alive within us” – a profound statement and from a very young woman! Within us is the JOY we seek and yet we do not know how to light it . But the path is simple only if we ALLOW IT .. yet to allow it requires a balance of mind that is not so easy to maintain. Easy to ask questions but to listen to the answer given requires maturity. Requires one to be free from egoism. Good thoughts Great lines ..Shamini.

  5. I have often wondered if one day in the year is enough to say ‘Happy Teacher’ s Day’ to those who give a life-time to the welfare of those being taught.
    Shamini, through this one article you have told us how the blessings of gurus affect the minds of children and adults alike. You have also chosen this one day to very simply, subtly and aptly speak of what a guru is, and the difference he makes in our lives for ever and ever.
    This is a lasting tribute to a guru in the true sense.
    Your thoughts are profound and very well expressed. God Bless.

  6. Dear Shamini ,
    What a wonderful blog !
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us !
    God bless you always dear

  7. Yoganand by far is my favorite spiritual teacher, he is the link between we mortals and the ultimate one. I never knew there is a ashram in Pune too, will definitely visit.

  8. I am looking for ananda Sangha teacher who was a surgeon by profession .He was a good orator& conducted many courses.Was a speaker at various programmes.He had Gupta or Aggarwal as his surname.This was way back in 2010-11.

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