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Paramhansa Yoganandaji addressed spine as an altar of God/universe/our own higher self. Hence it is essential to understand the true functioning of our spine…in it’s physical and energetical aspects. “Yoga for Energetic Spine” aims at bringing awareness to cure our body stiffness and to enjoy a healthy life. In this workshop we will understand the formation of our spine and explore it by certain yoga poses and breathing techniques to educate our body to restabilize new pattern of movements avoiding further damage and injury.

Are we aware of our posture in our daily life? We perform various activities that call for physical movements at all stages. Even sitting, sleeping and standing requires a correct posture. Completely unaware of our present self, invariably, we tend to slouch, use inappropriate stances resulting in painful back, abdomen and leg problems. This painful discomfort is also one of the major issues to sit in meditation for a longer period. So let’s know and experience the reality of our spinal energies. Let’s work towards uplifting our consciousness by energising our spine. AUM.

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Fees: rs. 700