Yogananda Flower Essences Level 1 (of 3)

Practitioner Certification Training

27-29 October
(Friday evening: 7 - 9pm, Saturday & Sunday, 10 - 6:30pm
16 hours’ training – lunch included both days) Rs. 9000

Become a YFE practitioner! Be a part of the first wave of Indian graduates of the Tri-Level Practitioner Certification Training.

As founder Lila Devi was trained directly by Swami Kriyananda in 2004-05, you too will receive the exact same training given by Swami ji. Learn how these flower essences are an integral part of the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, based on his insights into the psycho-spiritual qualities of certain foods, from whose blossoms these flower essences came into being.

What this groundbreaking seminar will give you:

  • Precise training in using Yogananda ji’s telepathic pulse-reading technique for your client’s flower essence assessment, as taught directly to Lila Devi by Swami Kriyananda.
  • The history and methodology of Yogananda Flower Essences, as well as the “nuts and bolts” of making them, taking them.
  • A solid explanation of what flower essences can and cannot do: what results to look for—and when.
  • An understanding of the yogic nature of these flower essences and what makes them different from other flower essence companies – with a soul-reminding approach to consultation.
  • A thorough explanation of the “signature essence” and how to use this term for your client’s inspiration.
  • The Level I Training includes a frame-worthy Certificate. Please note: this course is cumulative; all 3 levels must be completed in order to become a certified YFE Practitioner in India.
  • This unparalleled opportunity awaits you: become an active channel for the oldest flower essence line outside the UK (where essences first began), for 46 years!
Noriko Asano
Noriko AsanoCourse Graduate, Tokyo, Japan
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“The program was deep. It was very easy to understand and there was a harmonious atmosphere, and I was glad I attended. I felt enveloped in a very fun, gentle energy and vibration. The explanation of each essence was in very thorough detail, and easy to understand. I felt it was very simple, and it is full of love and benevolence.” - Sumie Nemoto, Tokyo, Japan, Level I Graduate “I felt strong empathy with Lila-san’s friend when she explained about the Grape Essence (the person whose mother was alcoholic and that person was always rejected). Also I was able to very well understand that ‘simple’ does not mean ‘plain.’ I learned that each flower essence bottle has a deep and wide meaning.”

“Lila embodies the essences and she lives what she speaks.”
“It’s a blessing to be in her energy and to see how she stabilizes the space in which she works and how she harmonizes the energy of the people and the environment around her.”
“Lila is a teacher full of love and devotion for flower essences and also for her students. She is an inspiration and is very good in guiding us.”
“Lila is very inspirational, and she makes us all want to become better people.”

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