Yogananda Flower Essences Workshops

with Acharya Lila Devi

From October 7 to 31st

Acharya Lila Devi is considered one of the foremost flower essence developers in the world today. Lila lives near Nevada City, CA. She has graduated with honors from the University of Michigan. Her programs are internationally renowned and bring the sacred divine gift of Nature to life within us, awakening our innate goodness, beauty, and strength.


Lila Devi’s pioneering work includes nearly 5 decades of research and are scientifically verified in a pioneering biofeedback study by the late Dr. Jeffrey Cram. The development of YOGANANDA FLOWER ESSENCES began in 1977, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and have since gained worldwide recognition as the oldest flower essence line within the U.S. and globally outside the U.K. Lila Devi is visiting Pune from Oct 5 to Nov 7

Upcoming Flower Essence Workshops

Yogananda Flower Essences Chakra Blend for balancing & healing the Chakras
Saturday, 22nd Oct, 10:30pm to 12:30pm

How do we “fix” our own chakras? By strengthening, balancing, and energizing our own life-giving life force! This workshop will give you the practical tools to do just that. Bring with you your questions and your enthusiasm!

Yogananda Flower Essences are the oldest flower essences globally outside the UK for nearly 50 years! They have been used on every continent for people of all ages, pets, and even plants.

This class will impart to you:

  • Why Yogananda Flower Essences are so effective in strengthening the flow of your chakras.
    A special technique for accurately locating your own chakras within your metaphysical spine.
    The truth about a blocked or mis-aligned chakra.
  • About having others assess and “fix” your chakras.
  • What are the higher and lower octaves of each of the chakras.
    Why wait for bliss to come to you? Bliss is our true nature.
  • Come to this workshop and learn how to access that sattwic quality, and others, within you – right now!

Songs by Swami Kriyananda & Flower Essence Story-time for Kids (Well-behaved Parents Allowed)
Saturday, 21st Oct, 10:30 – 11:30 am

For children of all ages, come to this delightful combo of Swamiji’s children’s songs (with movements added) and “the flower essence kids’ storybooks” written by YFE founder Lila Devi.

Come meet the first 3 of 20 children who personify the flower essences and share their rollicking adventures:

Bradley Banana (for humility) and the Jolly Good Pirate

Tommy Tomato (for strength and courage) and the Mighty Storm Dragon

And – their newest little sister:

Bianca Blackberry (for purity of thought) and the Crystal Albatross

Kids, meet your new flower essence friends! Much like uplifting affirmations, these positive role models can help tuck your little ones into bed at night.

We hope to see you there –Bradley, Tommy, and Bianca

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