How to Overcome Karma

Sunday, July 16 | 11 am to 1 pm

Dear Friends,
Did you know that every thought, every action reaps a corresponding reality? The Law of Karma is a beautiful subject that brings clarity and meaning to life. This workshop will use practical tools and techniques to help us overcome karma and create a destiny that fulfills our True Nature in God.

You will learn:
🌷 What is the Divine Law of Karma
🌷 The Battle Between Pre-Natal & Post-Natal Karma
🌷 What are the Keys to Changing Our Karma
🌷 Karma Yoga & Kriya Yoga
🌷 Facing God’s Love with Gratitude
🌷 What Happens at Death
🌷 Freedom: You Shall Attain Me!
🌷 Techniques for Inner Freedom

Every breath is a new opportunity to start anew.
Many Blessings ⭐🌷⭐
Ananda Pune

Meet the Instructor

Nayaswami Bhavani

Nayaswami Bhavani has been in Ananda Sangha for over a decade and conveys a deep understanding of teachings of the Paramhansa Yogananda with the sense of Love & Wisdom. Nayaswami Bhavani is a International certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher by World Yoga Alliance. She is also a certified Healing teacher and conducted many classes on Meditation in Pune. Bhavani have served in the corporate industry for more than a decade and is well versed with challenges and opportunities in corporate life, bringing that experience into the classes. She also helps in corporate training programs in companies.