By Pradnya Patil (Kathak Visharad)

Starting Saturday, 25th May 2024,6:00 to 7:00 pm

Art as a Tool for Accessing our Divine Creativity

The arts teach us to be at ease in the unknown, to lean into what does not yet exist. The painter feels the shape of the clouds before the brush brings them into form, the dancer opens to the flow of energy and brings forth a new step. The creative process teaches us to open to new possibilities, to tune into ‘what’s trying to happen’. The arts are important not just for decoration and entertainment (as they were in the age of form) but as tools for awakening and channeling energy.

Kathak, an Indian classical dance form is a combination of drama, dance and music. This ancient dance form is used as a storytelling tool.

Dance brings us closer, makes us happy and free. My goal is to give you a tool in your hand through a system. Usually classical dances are very strict as ballet but I want you to be also inspired to exploring yourself by these movements, stories and rules. It gives you a good basic like a fruitful soil where you can plant your seeds.

This course will bring you from the ancient Indian times to these days. Inviting to be a part of an enthralling art form what involves pure dance with graceful and sophisticated movements, virtuoso fast footworks, many dizzying pirouettes and storytelling about Gods and Goddesses with hand gestures (mudras) and facial expressions. 

What You'll Gain:

  • You will improve your basic posture and move with grace
  • Learning the tatkaar (footwork)
  • Learn how to count in Teental (16 beats rhythm) in 3 differents tempos (Vilambit Laya, Madhya Laya, Drut Laya)
  • Understanding basic hand movements
  • Coordinating hands and foot at the same time
  • Learning some nice cool spins and pick up a good skill of balance
  • Introduction of storytelling without words, you are going to get a taste of expressing yourself without words
  • You will be able to dance a Beginner choreography

Other benefits:

  • You will improve your basic posture and move with grace
  • You will pick up good focusing skills
  • Improving your musicality
  • Feel calm , strength and grounded

Meet Your Instructor

Pradnya began her journey with Kathak at the tender age of 5. Over the years, she has dedicated herself to mastering this classical dance form, culminating in achieving the title of Kathak Visharad. She regularly showcases her skills by performing at various events, bringing joy not only to herself but also to her audience. Through her performances, Pradnya continues to grow as a dancer, finding gratitude and valuable lessons in each experience.

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