Next Session : May 12

Cost: Rs 999

Why Take This Meditation Class?

Make Daily Meditation a Reality

Our  meditation class is structured to guide you step-by-step through the various tools and meditation techniques you need to create a sustainable practice.

Weekly assignments and inspiration will help you build a routine that works for you.

Receive Caring Support from Experienced Instructors

We all face unique challenges with our meditations.

Your instructors are there to answer your questions, to offer individual feedback, and to encourage you as you learn to meditate or deepen your existing practice.


Learn Meditation Techniques for Self-Realization

These universal scientific techniques taught by Paramhansa Yogananda are for mind, body, and soul healing. But most of all, they will help you connect with your higher Self, the Divine, or God.


These meditation lessons are also the first step toward learning Kriya Yoga, Yogananda’s highest technique for Self-realization.

What You'll Receive in This Meditation Class

This class – Learn to Meditate, is the first step that introduces you to meditation, offering techniques and tips to relax the body and calm the mind.

You will learn:
🌷 What is meditation & its benefits
🌷 A unique set of exercises – Energization Exercises (over 100 year old proven system)
🌷 Hong-Sau technique – A technique in concentration
🌷 Energisation exercises to recharge yourself
🌷 Developing or deepening your daily meditation practice
🌷 Tips for meditation
🌷 Guided practices & Q & A


This is a comprehensive meditation class for both beginners and long time meditators designed to help you learn to meditate deeply.  This course includes step-by-step instruction as well as personalized guidance from instructors to help you cultivate a rewarding meditation practice.

If one of the following applies to you, you will benefit tremendously from this course:

  • Beginners at meditation
  • Those who struggle with consistency in meditation and want to develop a strong, daily meditation routine
  • Those who have been meditating, or teaching meditation, for several years but want to dive deeper in meditation practice or clarify understanding of meditation based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda
  • Those who want to begin their journey on the Path of Kriya Yoga
  • Those who have read Autobiography of a Yogi and feel deeply inspired to practice Yogananda’s teachings and techniques

Meet Your Teachers

Nayaswami Aditya  is a Medical Practitioner, whose chief interests lie in sharing the teachings and benefits of yoga as a healthy and successful way of life. Aditya came to Ananda Sangha in 2008 and has since then actively helped with the Pune community operations. He is also a Trustee with Ananda Sangha. He also serves as the Spiritual Director of Ananda Sangha Pune. Apart from full time activities within the sangha, Aditya conducts yoga, meditation, health workshops in colleges, companies and institutions. He has conducted workshops on Health, Happiness and Success for many global industry leaders such as Tata Management and Training Center (TMTC), Infosys, Amdocs, Apollo Hospitals, and Metro.

Nayaswami Bhavani is the Spiritual Director of Ananda Pune, Ananda Yoga and Meditation teacher. She is also a certified healing teacher and has conducted many classes on yoga, meditation, and healing in Pune. Bhavani has served in the corporate industry for more than a decade and is well-versed with the challenges and opportunities of a corporate life, bringing that experience into her classes. Bhavani recently quit her corporate life to become a full-time trainer in yoga and meditation and has assisted in corporate training programs at Tata Management and Training Center (TMTC) and Sandvik Asia.

Acharya Amit  is a yoga, meditation teacher. He has been conducting courses, workshops for schools, corporates and other audience based on spiritual principles. He holds a Master’s in Computer Science degree from Stony Brook, New York. He has worked with IBM India for over five years and also has experience working in United States and Canada. Amit has been instrumental in setting up the foundation for Ananda India Online and has been an active member of Ananda Palo Alto and Ananda Gurgaon since 2010.

Transform Your Life with this course

Why wait to find peace and happiness within you? Join us today to enrich your inner life with a daily meditation practice.

Next Session : May 12

Cost: Rs 999