Join the AUTHOR & EXPERTS from our worldwide community in the field of HEALTH & HEALING

What you will gain:

  • Study and discussion of each Part of Volume One with the author and other expert
  • How to recognize the signs of wellness and the symptoms of disease
  • Learn how to use Life Force to stay healthy, alert and dynamically active
  • Quick and effective Energization shortcuts
  • Understand how meditation contributes to your health
  • An overview of Yogananda’s dietary recommendations
  • Guidelines for fasting and purification

An opportunity to ask questions and discuss points from the book

Highlights of Workshop by Shivani Lucki, Author of the
"Life Force Trilogy"

It is the life energy alone that can effect a cure; all external methods of stimulation can only cooperate with the life energy, and are powerless without it.

-Paramhansa Yogananda

Meet Your Instructor

Shivani Lucki is a pioneer founding member of Ananda World Brotherhood Community and has earned a worldwide reputation as one of the foremost teachers of meditation, particularly Kriya Yoga, and of Yogananda’s teachings and techniques for self-healing. She established the Life Therapy School of Self-Healing, the Ananda Raja Yoga School and co-founded the Yogananda Academy of Europe. She travels widely in Europe and India giving seminars on the art of self-healing and the science of Self-realization.

Nayaswami Aditya  is a Medical Practitioner, whose chief interests lie in sharing the teachings and benefits of yoga as a healthy and successful way of life. Aditya came to Ananda Sangha in 2008 and has since then actively helped with the Pune community operations. He is also a Trustee with Ananda Sangha. He also serves as the Spiritual Director of Ananda Sangha Pune. Apart from full time activities within the sangha, Aditya conducts yoga, meditation, health workshops in colleges, companies and institutions. He has conducted workshops on Health, Happiness and Success for many global industry leaders such as Tata Management and Training Center (TMTC), Infosys, Amdocs, Apollo Hospitals, and Metro.

Dr Amit Aggarwal MD, FRCP
Professor, Medicine
Symbiosis Medical College for Women, Pune
Echocardiography specialist, Vienna, Austria
Yoga Alliance certified, International Yoga Teacher
Co-Founder, Living Wisely
Panel Consultant, Vitalife Clinic, Pashan, Pune

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