The deeper teachings of yoga state that “We are a soul, and have a body,” but how do yogis respond when confronted with death—with their own time of passing? Some struggled with pain or illness. Others passed suddenly or unexpectedly. Most of these accounts are inspiring; all have something to teach about the transitioning experience.

You will learn:
– What do we experience when we leave our bodies?
– How does the principle of karma and reincarnation operate in our lives?
– Techniques and practices to help a loved one prepare for the transition, contact loved ones who have passed.
– True accounts of how longtime yogis and meditators have left their bodies.
🌷What is Death?
🌷Is there life after death?
🌷How can we meet those who have left their body?
🌷 How can we prepare for life’s final exam?

These and other questions will find answer in this special Masterclass on Death, Dying, Karma, Reincarnation.

Learn practices, tips, techniques to live life fully and transition with Grace.

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The book has more than 20 stories of people who have passed through the portals of death with joy & freedom. ⭐🌈⭐ Many Blessings, Ananda Pune

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