“When you change, your whole world changes.”
Here is a secret, well worth knowing: Happiness is not a gift you receive from others, but a divine birthright you choose for yourself now. Happiness is a choice, a state of mind you can cultivate day by day. Try the simple program of positive thinking and expansive living described in this book, and watch your life change for the better.

Life can be a humdrum monotony of similar experiences repeated again and again—daily, monthly, yearl —without any substantial change of circumstances, or increase of fulfillment. But many people are discovering that when their thoughts become more positive and expansive, their lives also improve: when we change from the inside, our whole world changes. True happiness springs from within. And there are ways and techniques to make that happiness grow. Therefore, this book. In it, Swami Kriyananda presents thoughts and actions for you to experiment with. All of these suggestions are based on universal principle —principles that lead to inner happiness.

Kriyananda writes: “I suggest you take one thought at a time from the following pages. Keep it before you throughout the day, as a reminder. Repeat it out loud, or mentally, letting it sink into your subconscious. And look for situations in your life to which you can apply it creatively.” Practicing these principles in daily life can bring you ever closer to finding happiness—the ever-new joy that dwells within you.

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