Life Skills Action Charts provide a child-friendly way of developing key skills that enrich and empower our lives.
There are total 19 Life Skills Chart.

Life Skills include all those qualities that help us live our lives more fully. Just as there are physical disabilities, we can observe people who are challenged in other ways like insensitivity, absent-mindedness, low energy, and restlessness. Children who are given the chance to develop these skills as part of their education will be better prepared to lead a fulfilling, successful life.

– I loved the LSAC , its like a magic box with many elements that you can use every moment for yourself and others. The poses are amazing & super fun. With increasing awareness we can use it throughout the day based on what needs to be done. – V.L. India

– “I realized that I can use the cards not only for myself, but I can use them for nurturing my family. When my daughter is upset, sad, restless, afraid… we sit together, choose the appropriate card, read it and select some activities. When she has trouble she uses the affirmation to change her attitude, and tries to solve the problem in positive way.” – L.V., parent of a 10-year-old

How to use the Life Skills Action Cards –

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Life Skills Action Chart –

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