I had, in an earlier blog, shared the story of how I came to join Ananda, and become a disciple of our beloved Guru.

Now, I would like to share a story of my husband’s journey, which is yet to be concluded…

When I joined Ananda, my husband, Sachin, was a bit confused. He knew that I was religious, but he did not expect me to start meditating. Then he could see the changes in me – I started to become calm. More accepting of everything that was happening around me. All this made our home a happier and a more harmonious place to live in.

I was aware that he would not be interested in coming to Ananda, so I did not suggest that he come with me for a Satsang or anything. His brother, who is actively involved with Art of Living, used to try to force us to go there, (of course, he was only trying to help), and that had put him off completely from anything along those lines.

Group doing Energization Exercises

Yogananda’s Energization Exercises

But then he started doing the Energization Exercises because of his health issues – and his back pain, which had been troubling him previously, became initially bearable and then, he healed, so that eventually he could live a normal life because of the exercises. Next, his BP started fluctuating very badly – so I convinced him to meditate – just for his health. Just to sit for a few minutes and do regular breathing.

One day – on his birthday last year – he attended Ananda’s How to Meditate class. It was a surprise for me. Two weeks later he attended the first class in the Deepening Meditation series. There is a saying that “Hope springs eternal in the human breast” Well, it sprang in mine… in fact, it jumped up and started singing and dancing and wouldn’t stay quiet.
And then of course, he stopped attending class! When I talked to him about it, he was unhappy at being questioned ….. I was, to say the least, disappointed.

I reminded me that I should leave things in Master’s hands, and I left it at that. He never stopped me from doing my seva or my meditation. In fact, he uses the Ananda app to meditate daily, and that gave me peace.

And then, July 27th rolled around – it was Guru Purnima.

Zenia, a gurubhai, called. She had forgotten to buy rose petals. I told her that I would get them from somewhere – though I had no idea from where!

I called Sachin, who is very reliable in finding out things for me. He told me that he would get them on the way home. An hour later, he reached home with a huge bag of rose petals in his hands, and a confused expression on his face.

He said: “I had a strange experience today. When I stepped into the flower shop, the owner called out to him ‘Sir. Come, Come. I have kept it ready for you.’ I asked him: ‘kept what ready? I didn’t have your number – I didn’t order anything.’ The shopkeeper said: ‘I knew you would need rose petals today. I don’t know how I knew, I just knew!! Since morning I had been saving them for you.’”

Sachin knows – and I know – that it was Babaji who had arranged it:

Zenia forgetting to buy rose petals.

Sachin going to exactly that flower shop and none other.

The flower shopkeeper knowing that Sachin would be coming for rose petals and keeping them aside for him…

All these are parts of a puzzle, and as we put them all together, we get the real picture.

Guru Purnima Altar with the Rose Petals

Master (Paramhansa Yogananda), Babaji, whoever it is in our line of Gurus – they are looking after us. We really, really should not worry about anything. We should simply submit ourselves to God and Guru and leave everything in their capable hands. And Sachin got an opportunity to do his bit of seva on the most auspicious day – Guru Purnima!

And if Sachin decides, in this lifetime, to not take Kriya initiation, he will still be looked after by Master. If I had any worries left on that score – they are surely put to rest now.

I do wonder about other people. So many people come by. They take their beginner’s meditation class and don’t return. Are they meditating? Are they practicing Hong Sau? Are they allowing the Guru into their hearts? Are the Gurus looking after them? Their Karma was good enough for them to walk through Master’s door – why do they leave? When will they return? Will it be in this one? Or several lifetimes later?

Master’s blessings on all of them…. On all these souls who fall off the path and need to climb harder to come back. I remember a quote of Master’s that I saw today on Instagram: “Your trials did not come to punish you, but to awaken you.

I hope they all come back very soon, awakened.

Jai Guru! Jai Babaji!


  1. Thanks, Moushmi! Very inspiring!!
    Such a beautiful reminder that even if we take one step towards the Light; Masters make the rest happen…….

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